You know how everyone has their “thing”? That one thing they obsess on, can’t stop thinking about. For me, it’s packing. Luggage and packing. Maybe it’s the ADHD talking and I just really like having one small corner of my world where I can control the clutter, amid the chaos of my life. I love suitcases, shoulder bags and weekenders, and don’t get me started on packing cubes! Along with this obsession with bags is my desire to be the most efficient, minimalist traveler I can be. As I trip over the laundry pile one more time in my real world space, I am so excited to just put exactly what I need in a bag and see the world, with exactly what I need, nothing more and nothing less.

So you’ll find a LOT of posts and raves on this entire site about packing. Because while I have many hobbies and talents, I really am most excited about sharing what I’ve learned about one-bag travel with all of you.

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